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Attractions in Liptov

Zoo Kontakt

Zoo kontakt is located at the sought-after Liptov Aquapark Tatralandia near Liptovský Mikuláš. You will see more than 400 animals from common species to exotic. These animals were born in human care and would not be able to survive in nature without humans. Your children will be thrilled, as they can not only see the animals here, but also play with them, feed them or take a nice picture with them.

animal zoo contact liptov

Bobsleigh track

Bobsleigh track for fans of adrenaline sports. If you are a fan of these sports, your holiday in Liptov can not do without it. The FUN PARK Žiarce mountain bobsled track is situated in the popular Demänovská valley, specifically in the Liptov village of Pavčina Lehota. It is not only the first track built in the Liptov region, but also the first track of this type in Slovakia. The total length of the track is 1000 m and it is the steepest track in our territory, with a total elevation of 120 meters. The maximum speed that can be reached is limited to 45 km / h. By simply moving the lever towards you (braking) or away from you (accelerating), you determine whether you reach it or not.

bobsleigh track liptov ziarce

Huricane factory

Hurricane Factory Tatralandia is a unique adrenaline attraction in which you can experience the feeling of free fall, such as jumping off a plane or a cliff, but also the feeling of fear and nausea from a height. Not only adults but also children can fly here in a glass tunnel under the supervision of a professional instructor from the age of 5. It's just fun for the whole family. Hurricane Factory is located right next to the Aquapark Tatralandia and you will definitely not miss its tall building.

Hurricane factory Tatralandia liptov

Monaco Grand Prix

Karts - Monaco Grand Prix. Whether you are a motorsports fan or want to ride a go-kart for the first time in your life, do not hesitate. Subaru go-karts with an output of 7 horses and for children with an output of 5 horses are available to you. Of course there is also a bar with seating, where you can refresh between rides. The hall is situated near the village Závažná Poruba about 3 km from the nearby Liptovský Mikulaś.

Monaco Grand Prix Liptov Karts

House upside down

A house that is unusual and at the same time interesting in that it is built literally on the opposite side - with the roof down. It is an exact replica of a classic house, so there is a kitchen, living room, bathroom and even a kennel. It is possible to visit it not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Right next to the house is the Liptov Heliport, where you can book and take a helicopter trip and see our beautiful region of Liptov from a bird's eye view.

liptov House upside down

Mini Slovakia

The area of the Mini Slovakia park is built near the Ďumbier hotels in Liptovský Ján just before the entrance to Jánská dolina. In Slovakia we have a large number of cultural monuments and historic buildings. And right here you will find some of them nicely in one place. Of course not in the original size, but in the form of models in the scale of 1:25. You will see, for example, models of Levoča Town Hall, Bojnice Castle, Strečno Castle and many other monuments. There is also a garden railway in the park. The models are built with a strong emphasis on detail and their number is increasing every year.

mini Slovakia Liptovský Ján

Ilusia Gallery

Galéria Ilusia is a fascinating world of optical illusions that undermine confidence in your senses. Read the newspaper on top of the skyscraper, pet the elephant, walk through the land of the lego or call at the bottom of the pool… this and much more is offered by ILUSIA. The art of optical illusions and 3D paintings will simply take your breath away. In the ILUSIA gallery you will not believe your own eyes. Nothing is really what it looks like at first glance! The Ilusia Gallery can be found directly in Liptovský Mikuláš.

Ilusia Gallery Liptovsky Mikulas

Laser arena

Experience a laser shootout in a labyrinth that enchants fans of adrenaline and action. Since you play in a closed, nice, new hall, you don't have to worry about injuries or dirt. Unlike paint ball, the laser tag is painless and completely safe. You can also try the Laser Maze game, where you will find out what it's like to be a professional safe-robber, or the Escape room, which takes place in a teacher's office environment. You will get out of it if you solve all the puzzles and tasks that are prepared for you. The laser arena is another attraction that you can enjoy even in bad weather. The laser arena is located in Liptovský Mikuláš.

Laser arena liptovsky mikulas


Game Room - Liptovsky Mikulas is a cheerful bar where everyone has fun and is full. Either you sit down with a good beer, mixed drink or milkshake, enjoy pizza, burgers, or you can test your skills in billiards, ice hockey or basketball, the choice is yours. 50 different fun machines are a guarantee that boredom is imminent! Game Room 66 is located on the 1st floor of Route 66 Bar & Restaurant.

game room liptovsky mikulas

Fishery „Na háku“

The NA HÁKU fishery in Liptovská Sielnica will captivate you at first sight with a stylish wooden building, a boat-shaped children's playground and a pond with clear mountain water full of trout. An ideal place for families with children and for everyone who wants to detach themselves from the worries of everyday life, give their children an unconventional experience and, last but not least, enjoy fish specialties and great wine. Each visitor has the opportunity to catch their own fish.

fishery na haku liptovska mara liptov

Thermal spring Kalameny

The thermal spring in Kalameny is located near the village of Lúčky and was created by a well from 2000. The water flowing from the depths has 33 degrees Celsius, which allows comfortable swimming even in the cold winter. In addition, the free entrance and the beautiful surroundings of the man-made quarry stone lake and the bottom covered with a layer of round gravel contribute to the attractiveness. The spring is accessible all year round.

thermal spring kalameny swimming liptov

Kada - Liptovsky Jan

The healing mineral water is located at the end of the village of Liptovský Ján in a natural spa spring, which the locals call "Kaďa". This water is mineralized, bicarbonate-sulfate, strongly carbonated, calcium-magnesium, hypotonic. It has demonstrable healing effects in rheumatic diseases, diseases of the female organs, skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

thermal spring kada liptovsky jan kupanie

Svatojanska lookout tower

The tourist lookout tower above the village of Liptovský Ján offers a view of the whole village and the surrounding area. It is located in Stráne above the cemetery under the Kameničná hill. You can get to it directly from the area of the Teplica thermal spring. A modified sidewalk leads to the lookout tower, which starts from the road near the cemetery. The lookout tower is all-wood, its shape and materials used are based on traditional Slovak architecture. The height of the lookout tower is 10m. Svätojánska lookout tower is located at an altitude of approximately 700 m.n.m.

Svatojanska lookout tower Liptovský Ján
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