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Tourism in Liptov

Žiarska valley

Žiarska valley is a very popular destination for lovers of tourism in the Western Tatras. A blue-marked tourist trail and an asphalt road 6 km long pass through the valley, ending at Žiarská chata. This route is also very suitable for families with children who can handle this ascent without any problems. From Žiarská chata you can continue on marked sidewalks for hikes to Smutný sedlo, Žiarské sedlo, Baranec, Plačivá, Ostrý Roháč, Baníkov or Volovec. If you want to speed up the way from Žiarská dolina to the car park, you can do so by going down the scooter, which they will lend you at the cottage. Since 2012, the Bear Tunnel has been open at the beginning of Žiarská dolina - the only old mining work in Liptov, where you can see the places that you have excavated in an effort to obtain shimmering gold.

Liptov tourism Ziarska valley

Demänovská valley

Demänovská valley is the most visited valley in the Low Tatras. It is located south of Liptovský Mikuláš on the northern slopes of the Low Tatras and is part of the Low Tatras National Park (NAPANT). Its most famous attractions are the Demänovské Caves and the Jasná Ski Resort. Jasná is actually the highest part of the Demänovská valley. Tourists in this valley can take many different tours and trips to the Low Tatras. For example, we can recommend a trip by cable car to Mount Chopok and from there for more demanding tourists, e.g. ridge hike to Ginger. And don't forget to take a walk along the shores of Vrbický pleso, which you will also find in Jasná.

Liptov tourism tatra Demanovská valley

Prosiecka and Kvačianska valley

Prosiecka valley is deservedly part of the Chočské vrchy National Nature Reserve. In connection with the nearby parallel Kvačianska valley - it forms a beautiful tourist route Prosiecka and Kvačianska valley. One of the biggest attractions is the Vráta gorge right at the entrance to the valley, later it is a waterfall and at the end a ladder leading along the rocks in the gorge. The route also includes the SVORADOV educational trail as well as two water mills, which are a technical monument. One of the mills is even fully functional. During the tour, you will also come across viewing platforms that will complete the preconditions for visitors for an unforgettable experience of a full-day tour of beautiful nature.

Liptov tourism Prosiecka Kvačianska valley

Čerenová Rock

Čerenová Rock is located in Chočské vrchy behind the village Liptovská Anna. It is not a very distinctive hill, but at the top of this columnar rock there is a platform from which you will find an unforgettable and one of the most beautiful views of the surroundings of Liptov, the Liptovská Mara dam and the Low Tatras. The hike is not time consuming - it takes about 1 hour before you go up to the rock. You can do it with small children.

Liptov tourism Cerenova Rock

Archeoskanzen Havránok

Archaeological Museum Havránok above the dam wall of Liptovská Mary. It is located 2 km south of the village Bobrovník in the district of Liptovský Mikuláš. It lies at the eastern foot of the Úložisko hill. The Celtic fortifications of the settlement of Kotínov with a Druid shrine from the 1st century BC were discovered here. In the 12th to 15th centuries there was a Slavic settlement. Today, you can admire the renovated residential buildings, the enclosure, the ceramic kiln, and the ramparts with the gate. During the summer season, Havránok also becomes a venue for cultural events such as fencing, or demonstrations of Celtic religious ceremonies and period crafts.

Liptov tourism archaeological Museum Havranok

Liptovský Castle

Liptovský Castle is a ruin of a castle in Liptov, near the borders of the districts of Liptovský Mikuláš and Ružomberok. The remains of this castle stand on the hill Sestrč above the villages Kalameny and Bukovina. The castle was the highest castle in Slovakia and the first mention of it is from 1262. In the 80s of the 20th century, its foundations were reconstructed and also the remains of two cisterns, a palace and towers were discovered. The whole area is open to the public and leads to it red-marked tourist trail Vlachy - Havránok - Bukovina - Sedlo pod Kráľovou, or yellow-marked tourist trail Kalameny - Sedlo pod Kráľovou and further to the saddle Poľana.

Liptov tourism Liptovský castle

Janska dolina

Janska valley is one of the oldest nature reserves in Slovakia and at the same time one of the longest valleys in the Low Tatras. It starts in the spa village of Liptovský Ján and there are many dives, springs, springs of mineral and thermal waters and caves. The most famous caves include Stanišovská Cave, Partizánska Cave, Hlboká Cave and others. The most frequented hiking trails lead through the valley to the hills Ohnište, Slemä and Krakova hoľa or to M.R. Štefánik cottage in Ďumbierský sedlo.

tourism Liptov Janska valley
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